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Alien Breed Obliteration Wii

Alien Breed Obliteration for the Wii

A homebrew clone of FlashJesterPunk's excellent PC retro remake of the classic Alien Breed games for the Wii console.

This game requires a soft-modded Wii capable of running Homebrew. The app runs off your sdcard and is launched from the Homebrew Channel

Download the abinst installer app and unzip in your apps directory on your wii sdcard. Run Homebrew Channel and launch the Alien Breed installer.

The installer must download the levels and game media from the internet. Working Wifi is required. If you do not have working Wifi then download FlashJesterPunk's PC version and place the zip file within the apps/abinst directory on your sdcard.


Hold the Wiimote horizontally in your hand with the D pad to the left.

Move player
Enter Intex terminal
Run (hold and move)
Cycle weapon (when purchased more weapons through Intex terminals)
Cheat button (if cheats enabled)

The Wii game controller can also be used.

Tip: Remember to enter Intex terminals regularly to purchase tools and weapons. Keep stocked up on keys. You can shoot through doors but it uses a lot of ammo.

Taking part

You can get help through the help forum

If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments feel free to post in the open discussion forum

If you are a developer, level designer or artist and want to make this game better then please get in touch.

Technical Details

This software is Free software, licensed under GPLv3. You can help with the development by joining the Sourceforge project.

Binaries and Source code downloads for this project are available from the downloads page. Source is available from the project source repositories.

The game is written in Python and uses SDL for graphics, sound and controller input. It is portable and runs comfortably on Linux, Windows and the Wii. It should be fairly easy to port to other environments (assuming an SDL port is available). The Wii executable is built using the devkitpro GNU toolchain using an embedded Python interpretter. The game runs directly off FlashJesterPunk's game media which the installer retrieves as part of installation.

Please note the game levels and media are not part of this project and are not Free Software. Please respect FlashJesterPunk and Team17's copyright by not distributing the game media with this game. If you want to distribute this game then please distribute the installer.

More details on the development of this game can be found on the developer blog.


This game is an unofficial clone.

All python/C code for this clone is copyright Habitualcoder 2010.

Wii Testing: TheDon

PC remake (on which this is based): FlashJesterPunk,Heavy Stylus, Bapsilon

Original Amiga games: Team17

A big thanks to everybody behind Wii Homebrew.


alienbreed obliteration wii level 5 screenshot
alienbreed obliteration wii level 10 screenshot
alienbreed obliteration wii intex screenshot
alienbreed obliteration wii menu screenshot
alienbreed obliteration wii level intro screenshot
alienbreed obliteration wii level 3 screenshot
alienbreed obliteration wii demo screenshot